Goods Return / Exchange Policy

1.All transactions and/or sales entered into with Regal Distributors SA (Pty) Ltd, shall be subject to and governed by our standard terms and conditions of sale, a copy of which is available on request.

2.All and any returns and/or refunds shall be governed by our standard terms and conditions of sale. All Regal Warranties and Repairs are limited to carry in.

3.No exchange, credit or refund will be done without the original invoice being presented to Regal.

4.Goods returned for credit or refund must be returned in the original condition and original packaging and are to be returned within 10 days of delivery (This applies to incorrect goods purchased or supplied). All goods returned that are repackaged in the original packaging are subject to a reasonable handling fee in respect of any consumption or depletion thereof. The customer acknowledges that the right to return the goods shall be limited to Rega l's discretion, in the event that the goods are partially or entirely disassembled, physically altered, permanently installed, affixed, attached, joined or added to, blended or combined with, or embedded within, other goods or property.

5.It is further agreed that no goods will be accepted for return/exchange and/or refund by Regal after the lapse of six months from date of purchase.

6.All electronic goods will be tested before any exchange, credit or refund will be issued.

7.Regal will not be held liable for any loss or costs incurred due to the failure of a product once installed or for any damages suffered by the customer or a third party due to the malfunction of products purchased where the product has been materially altered or has been used contrary to any instructions given by Regal.

8.Any damage caused by abuse, misuse, unauthorized modifications, tampering, any acts of god or force majeure, incorrect installation, insect infestation, liquid damage, lightening or power surges will not be covered by Regal.

9.All faulty goods returned within six months of purchase by the consumer will be refunded, replaced or repaired at the customer's election. (This will subject to points 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8).

10.Regal reserves the right to refuse any warranty claim if the damage is caused by any factors beyond the specifications or performance levels of the product.

11.A repair or exchange of a product within the warranty period will carry a further warranty period of three months, such repairs, however will not extend the duration of the original warranty period.

12.In the event that external repairs are necessary, Regal will offer a carry in warranty of repair for an equivalent period to that of the supplier.

13.Repairs conducted by Regal's repair department will carry a 3 month warranty on that specific repair. Any other faults occurring will be treated as a separate repair.

14.Repaired items will not be released to the customer until any payment due in respect thereof has been received.

15.Regal reserves its rights to charge a handling fee of up to 10% of invoice value on any items that are received for repair that are found to be free of fault or defect, or where reports beyond that of the job card are requested.

16.Regal reserves its rights to sell/resell all repaired goods which are not collected within 120 days of repair, in order to defray costs.

17.In the event that Regal does not have stock of goods which have been purchased, then Regal shall procure the same or similar goods from an alternative source at the same price subject to the customer's consent. Regal shall not be liable for shortage of stock in circumstances that are beyond the control of Regal.

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